The Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park is an initiative of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) with a multiple role in a distinctive area. The rehabilitation of the site of the former French Mining Company of Lavrio is a constant field of research in multiple areas of science, art and technology. Its unique nature is based on the, not parallel, but united and interactive development between its technological and cultural traits. Additionally, LTCP is a high visited place by members of scientific bodies, international business missions, under graduated and graduated students, but also more than seven thousand school students annually, from the country and abroad.

Today, a high level of research is produced in the facilities of LTCP, both by the institutions that are located on site and by the staff of the Park itself, which is actively involved in various research projects. To deploy the territory as a basic testing background for the production of new knowledge, to deploy the high level of the human resources of the LTCP, as well as the research on environmental issues of old industrial sites,  stand as our main issues.
The presence of an up-to-dated laboratory for environmental measurements is also t be noted, as it records basic environmental indicators not only in the territory of the Park, but in the broader Lavreotiki area as well, when demanded.

The research projects, in which LTCP participates, having an independent presence, are given below: