NTUA's LTCP is a continuous laboratory of technology, academic research and education and, among other things, an ideal place for exploring and re-evaluating tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Numerous educational activities take place at LTCP, both within the framework of national education and in parallel to it. Thus, in the Park are hosted, organized and produced or provided:

  • Scientific conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops referring to scientists, university and school students, the general public.
  • Temporary recruitment of students, in order to complete their academic internship (Atlas system).
  • Support for undergraduate and graduate students, by providing material, space or guidance for their projects.
  • Mediation between the laboratories or companies of LTCP and students or young scientists, for research and educational collaborations.
  • Acquaintance with the history of the Park’s site and the wider area, by guided tours in groups.
  • Educational programs, educational games, competitions and other activities


Indicative student projects:

Diploma Project: “Re-use of the arsenic production complex in the LTCP”, by the students Iossif Diakoronias-Marina and Michalis Stoupakis


Diploma Project: “Experiential Museum at LTCP on the subject of ore mining”, by the student Konstantina Kolomvos (in Greek)


Diploma Project: “Revival of a former mining area: the case of Lavrio”, by the student Dimitra Tsertos (in Greek)