LTCP has been supporting young Greek scientists since its inception, in order to try their research work in real conditions. It is a place where knowledge and technology are produced and where they are applied in practice. Moreover, some large-scale NTUA research projects are being implemented at the LTCP. It is, at the same time, a place for demonstration of innovative technologies on products and services. It is a destination for visitors with a variety of scientific, educational and business interests. Finally, it is an ongoing experiment of osmosis of a Public University with the local community in a direction of development, a stable bridge of communication between the National Technical University of Athens and the broader Greek society.

LTCP´s creation, on the same site where the beginning of the industrial revolution of Greece was sealed, revives memories of the past and stresses the effort for an appropriate development. Simultaneously, the site’s supervision by the  National Technical University of Athens, the first educational institution in the country with such strong links with technology, innovation and development on the one hand, and the synergies that the Park develops, on the other hand, offer a significant added value in this effort.

The operation of centres such as LTCP, consist a strong impelling power for new state-of-the-art technology companies to effectively transform innovative work into commercial and business success. Through its supportive infrastructure and services, LTCP substantially contributes to the fastest possible consolidation and development of business forms, such as:

  • The implementation of innovative ideas, products, services, processes, as well as the use of scientific and technological research´s outcome in business.
  • The fruitful connection of the Knowledge Production organizations with the Enterprises.
  • The development, renewal, and expansion of products and services’ range, as well as the methods of production, supply and distribution.
  • The introduction of new methods on business administration and management.
  • The acquisition of new knowledge and their dissemination, the provision of all kinds of services, scientific, technological, educational and advisory, as well as specialized training of staff for companies or for any interested natural or legal person in general.
  • Attracting and installing businesses, business divisions or enterprises and networking with other external companies.
  • Attracting foreign investment in high-tech sectors.

It is common for Innovation centres and consequently for LTCP too, to house recently established or under establishment units, in order to:

  • establish and develop their organization scheme to complete and secure their innovative work.
  • develop and test the innovation’s exploitation plan
  • implement the innovation’s exploitation plan.


On the edge of technology then and now…

The above photographic material was either provided courtesy of artists such us: Stelios Skopelitis, Alexandros Sikalias, Sakis Papadopoulos, Olga Abazoglou and K. Nikitopoulou, or belongs to the LTCP’s large photographic archive which was created by the scientific and administrative staff of LTCP and NTUA, as well as by the photographic team “dgpr”.