PRESS RELEASE (08.04.20)

The Technological Cultural Park of Lavrio of the National Technical University of Athens assists in tackling the Pandemic

The Technological Cultural Park of Lavrio (LTCP) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is actively entering the battle to deal with the pandemic in many ways.

Donation of personal protection materials to the National Health System

An idea of ​​the new researchers in the rescue program of the historical archive of the French Company was adopted by the Scientific Officer of the Program and member of the Board of EADIP NTUA Professor N. Belavillas and with the consent of the Management of LTCP was implemented. The LTCP made a direct donation to the public health system of almost all the stock of high quality personal protection materials, the supply of which had been made before the pandemic for the needs of decontamination under construction Museum of Mining-Metallurgy of Lavrio. The materials were delivered on 03.04.2020 to an historical and important regional hospital of Attica, the General Hospital of Piraeus "Tzanio". In total, 42 boxes with a total of 1,440 pieces of high quality masks, gloves and uniforms were donated. The director of GNP "Tzaniou" Maria Arvaniti, in a letter thanked the Technological Cultural Park of Lavrio and the National Technical University of Athens for the donation.

Industrial production of antiseptic in the facilities of LTCP

Nanophos SA, established at LTCP, known for the innovative nanotechnology materials it develops, immediately began the development of a line of industrial production of gel cleansers with microbicides and antiseptic properties, with a capacity of 10,000 liters per day.

Production of sanitary material with 3D Printing

In collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens and the 3DP NTUA hub initiative, two of the innovative start-ups housed in the Lavrio Technological Cultural Park, BIOG3D and IRES GREECE PC, which have the necessary equipment, experience and know-how, proceed to immediate production. Through the three-dimensional construction (3D printing) of plastic components and assemblies that are necessary and missing sanitary material (masks with many uses with filters, respirators for ICU, etc.), observing all the necessary safety measures. The first masks are already being manufactured and delivered.

Delivery of protective material at the GNP "Tzanio". From the left: Nikos Belavillas, Professor of NTUA, Maria Arvaniti, Director of the hospital and Nikos Vlachakos, Doctor

Personal protection material from LTCP - NTUA